CONSTITUCIÓN 23 is the union of five experienced lawyers, committed partners dedicated to providing their vast expertise in numerous legal processes throughout the national territory.


All of them, with extensive and reputable professional careers, are the five lawyers who form the partnership. They are committed to making their decades of valuable experience available, having participated in hundreds of relevant processes throughout the national territory. The accumulated vast expertise, within the context of a well-established reputation and professional rigor, positions Constitución 23, Litigation Studio, in a privileged position for providing exclusive and personalized legal services.

Whether in legal advice or in the context and development of litigation proceedings, their method of work, based on coordinated efforts, team collaboration, and shared criteria, ensures the availability of suitable means for optimizing results and achieving proposed objectives.


The partners who make up the firm have been involved in the most relevant legal proceedings in recent history in our country, achieving notable successes. These include, among many others: 

  • Legal expert report before the High Court of London, in the case Corina Larsen vs His Majesty The King Juan Carlos.
  • Case Operation Púnica.
  • Case Bankia.
  • Case Operation Brugal.
  • Case Oikos.
  • Case Air Traffic Controllers.
  • Case Ferrovial.
  • Case Ere.
  • Case Invercaria.
  • Case Avales.
  • Case Formación.
  • Case Santana Motor.
  • Case Faffe.
  • Case Marisma.
  • Case Airbus A400M aircraft accident.
  • Case Subsidies Wifi Andalucía.
  • Case Fair de Sevilla.
  • Case Elevator Valme.
  • Case Merca Seville.
  • Case Isofotón.
  • Case Minutas Marbella.
  • Case Abengoa.
  • Case Aquamed.
  • Case 3 per cent.
  • Case Riverduero.
  • Case Muro de Bazar España.
  • Case Arni.
  • Case Una Para en Gines.
  • Case Fórmula 1 de Valencia.
  • Case Eibar football team players.
  • Case deputy Alberto Casero.
  • Case Guerra.
  • Case Espionage Savings Banks.

And many others…

«Since our very beginnings, the goal has been to create a multidisciplinary team composed of specialized professionals who, together, can adapt themselves to the needs of each client.»


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